Monty Dress-up Stand

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Showcase your kid's costume collection with our modern, simple and Scandinavian inspired Monty Dress-up Stand. Available in two sizes, mini and large. It is a gorgeous wardrobe stand made of natural Pine with quality dowel and castors. The mini is perfect for displaying your baby's clothes in the nursery whilst the large size is perfect for the bigger kids that love to play dress-ups.

Dimensions (including castors)

Aproximately (cm) H122 x W87 x D30
Suitable for the ages 0-2

Approximately (cm) H155 x W110 x D30
Suitable for the ages 3-5

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Designed and made in Australia by the creative team at MT. Design will remain the property of MT and should not be reproduced in any way.

© 2015 Monty Tribe

As seen in Inside Out Magazine January 2016 issue - Styling by Phoebe McEvoy & photography by Sam McAdam Cooper.


Image of Monty Dress-up Stand